Lighting manufacturer Evluma moves factory, implements lean manufacturing

July 16, 2014
LED Lighting manufacturer Evluma moves into a larger manufacturing facility at the end of July 2014. Located in Renton, WA, the new facility embraces Lean Manufacturing philosophies and increases Evluma's manufacturing capacity by up to five times. The new site provides room to expand, allowing Evluma to bring on additional Lean lines in parallel with demand. Evluma makes the move to better serve and support their customer base.
"Evluma celebrates six successful years in business by thanking our customers and improving our support to them by shortening lead times, strengthening quality, and controlling costs," said David Tanonis, VP of Sales & Marketing. The newly remodeled, larger manufacturing site features custom designed lean lines built by WorkSmart Systems, Peabody, MA, and packaging systems by Instapak iMold. The site also provides additional shipping docks, increasing customer truckload and LTL shipping options, a larger will call area for servicing Seattle based customers, and an expanded R&D laboratory for its award winning development team. Combined with a Lean philosophy, the new site, dedicated to the science of LED lighting, is instrumental to Evluma's mission. "Lean enterprises rely on a people-oriented point of view. People have always been one of our strengths. Evluma fosters a manufacturing ideology that brings our team together with our customers to make the best lighting products possible," said President and CEO Keith Miller. Plans to move to a larger site began last year. Lean expert Anthony Arns was brought on as Evluma's VP of Operations in August 2013 to educate the production staff and research the expansion. Mr. Arns and his team worked closely with WorkSmart to design a custom Lean line specifically for Evluma's LED lighting products. Evluma's current product line will benefit from the new assembly system. Future products will be designed on Lean principals leading to faster time to market. "Lean opens up communication channels from the president to production, takes a philosophical root in the R&D lab, and materializes as quality and customer satisfaction," said Mr. Arns. "With record sales through Q2, the appeal of Evluma's flagship, the AreaMax, has advanced beyond the early adoptive market. Customer decision making and procurement processes have shortened. Lean methodologies enable Evluma to deliver shorter lead times, supporting the large scale roll-out a well informed customer base often seeks," said Sales Manager Paul Jamerson. The AreaMax LED Area and Security Light was recognized as a 2013 NGL Lighting Award Winner for Local and Residential Roadway Lighting. With a 10 year warranty, the AreaMax as earned the reputation as The Utility Standard in LED Area Lighting. All AreaMax come with the exclusive patented Photocontrol Failsafe Mode built in, eliminating the need to replace a photocontrol should it fail. Evluma's new address is 3600 Lind Ave, Suite 140, Renton, WA. 98057 About Evluma Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact LED lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting. Evluma’s high standard of customer service enables a constant feedback stream to their Renton, Washington Manufacturing and Research Facility to create products that meet the needs of the utilities and contractors they work with every day.


David Tanonis, VP of Sales & Marketing

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