Cobright Launches Transparent PC reflector LED high bay with high luminous efficacy

July 2, 2014
Cobright has launched its latest LED High Bay light, mainly used for indoor high ceiling applications, such as large factory, workshop, warehouse, supermarket, etc.

This advanced high performance light fixture is developed with Cree XTE LEDs, with high luminous efficacy 130LM/W; we also adopt a top quality Mean Well driver, which has a high power factor, long lifespan and excellent reputation among customers all over the world. A tough transparent polycarbonate reflector emits light through the sides for a greater spread of light. The polycarbonate reflector allows greater spread of light which is particularly useful in lower roofed buildings.

Heat release is also a very important point. We have a special design for the high bay radiator -- with compressed fin joint design, which can help release vortex heat in different directions; for most other lamps on the market there is only one direction for heat dissipation. The tested LED Junction temperature is as low as 67°C. Due to the unique design and superior heat management, we have got a National Patent for the radiator.

Every component of our LED high bay has been carefully engineered to provide the most reliable performance and bring many benefits of utilizing solid state lighting technology in industrial applications.

The high bay provides 60w-200w of light. And we can customize the wattage of the LED high bay light based on customers' requirements. Our technical support department can provide Dialux project design to customers, so clients can see the demo illumination effect before installation.

Cobright is a market-leading innovator of LED lighting, and we will gladly help you find the right fixture that meets your (lighting) wishes and requirements!


Serena Xie - Cobright

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