ARC Solid-State Lighting designs retail LED lighting system for Malaysia's Summer Mall

July 28, 2014
The Summer Mall is located in Kota Samarahan in the eastern region of Malaysia (The 4th largest city in Malaysia) and opened in 2013. The three-story landmark building covering 800,000 square feet is built in a mixed residential, commercial and education development section of Kota Samarahan to fulfill the needs of the 300,000+ population of the area.

Designed by ARC, the shopping mall is illuminated with RGB LED flood lights with saturated color, high efficiency and high CRI. With professional lighting effects software, the shopping mall is bathed in various colors, changing gradually on regular days and flashing results on holidays, providing smooth and delicate color changing. It has become the landmark of East Malaysia.

The Summer Mall is installed with high power LED RGB flood lights on the wall managed via an ARC control system. The RGB installation, full of expression and creativity, will light up the shopping center, making it appear more splendid, and all the building's details can be seen. In addition, LED lighting fixtures replace traditional lighting fixtures for reduced power consumption and increased energy cost savings.

Project Details:
Category: Retail
System & Lighting Design: ARC SSL
Location: Kota, Malaysia

Products Used:

1. DMX Lighting Controller ARC5001-B1
2. DMX ID Capture ARC6606-C0
3. DMX Distributor ARC6608-C0
4. LED High Power Flood Light HPF-RGB-1M


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