Ansorg's Vecto recessed LED spotlights provide optimum lighting angles for retail applications

July 4, 2014
VECTO leverages LED technology to take on all lighting tasks.

A new spotlight now takes on directional lighting on the retail sales floor. The recessed LED luminaire VECTO is able to be used in many environments thanks to design variants and timeless design. VECTO is uniquely versatile and ensures correct alignment of the lighting in the store. Its areas of use include both ambient lighting and accent lighting, the latter equally for the wall area and for the interior.

Three lighting functions, one core characteristic, maximum flexibility

For ambient lighting VECTO can be used as an directional downlight. The ability of the lighting head to be tilted through up to 20° gives the lighting designer the creative latitude for zoned general illumination, so that aisles and loops, waiting areas or intermediate areas can be dynamically and powerfully illuminated and emphasized. For the central area of the room a directional spotlight variant is available, which as a result of the 40° tilting range, ensures glare-free accent lighting. However, VECTO shows its particular flexibility in the peripheral area illumination where it can be tilted out from 20° (tilted forwards) to 60°; hence it also effectively sets the scene for the upper wall and decorative areas.

Up and away with VECTO

Recessed as a directional spotlight for the peripheral area, the novel kind of LED solution provides exciting accentuated lighting on walls where goods are displayed and can also be used for setting the scene for high-level decorations. Here VECTO develops a great long-distance effect and provides creative possibilities in merchandising. By means of the particularly high angle of incidence additional spotlights can be dispensed with; also when logos or presentation elements above the goods or below the ceiling are to be emphasized.

Inner strengths

Innovative reflector technology is a hallmark of Ansorg luminaires which now, on the one hand, are marked by recognizable design and, on the other hand, by an industrial property right. It leads to a considerable system output of 5,000 lm, but is at the same time glare-free. Equipping with spot, medium-flood or flood reflectors is possible. A point in favor of the luminaire is, however, not only its level of performance, but also its efficiency which is underlined particularly by the low-maintenance LED equipment.


Ansorg GmbH

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