Verde LED ET8 tubes achieve 52,000-hr lifetime with isolated driver and low drive current

July 4, 2014
In a crowded market it can be very difficult for customers to understand the difference in product quality. As a result VERDE LED have just recently published a product information guide for its market leading ET8 LED tube range. This is to help customers understand what makes a high quality LED tube with a long lifespan that lives up to its claims.

VERDE LED ET8 tubes series have competitive advantages against tubes from other manufacturers: LEDs, driver, PCB, structure and design.

We use the 10*23mil chip size, which has a longer lifespan because of its larger surface area, so the power density is lower resulting in superior heat dissipation.

Also, we drive the LEDs with a very low current to increase lifespan, just 30mA.

The LM-80 is the standard that determines the lifetime of LED products. Our ET8 LED tube range have a lifespan of 52,000 hours at 40° ambient temperature."

VERDE LED uses larger packaging (3528) for good heat dissipation, with the best quality components: Copper with silver for excellent conductivity and to avoid rust, clear homogeneous consistency in CCT among orders, 1.0mm diameter gold wire in the LED chips.

The LEDs we use in our tubes are tested under the strictest standards worldwide.

We use an isolated LED driver, with UL,TUV certification and 5 year warranty.

We even go that extra mile by making the PCB in just one piece for all our tubes. This increases the product robustness as there is no need to link two PCBs with solder points which can become a very weak link and failure point in the luminaire.

VERDE LEDs PCB is made with aluminum, it has excellent heat dissipation and it remains in place using a sliding system to install the PCB unlike cheaper structures where the PCB is just glued on.

If we look at the "body structure" we can appreciate that it is high quality, 1.0mm thick, with excellent heat dissipation and increased strength.

Our tubes have a 180° rotatable end cap, they are 26mm diameter (true T8 size), with a laser label and lockable end cap.

We always recommend our customers to try samples because once they have experienced the quality for themselves they never use any other LED tube again.



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