Illumis Lights launches new LED products to address indoor, retrofit, and outdoor lighting applications

July 31, 2014
Illumis Lights has launched three exciting sets of products, true to its aim of offering customers ground-breaking, quality LED fixtures.

The T8 electronic ballast-compatible glass LED T8 tube works with almost any instant-start ballast and retrofits to existing fluorescent fixtures without rewiring.

Providing exceptional LED lighting combined with reduced energy and maintenance costs, it also offers exceptional full system efficacy of more than 105lm/W and best-ever visual uniformity with no flickering.

The innovative design means there are no joints, its 360 degree glass tube construction aids cooling and heat dissipation and it has a wide beam angle of 240 degrees. In addition, it has a lifetime of 50,000 hours and a five-year warranty.

Illumis Lights has also gone back to the future by developing a range of 360 degree, dimmable filament bulbs that look and behave exactly like incandescent bulbs.

The flagship dimmable 800lm, 60W equivalent consumes only 6.5-7W and is perfect for the residential and hospitality sectors. It can simply replace standard energy-saving light bulbs to offer up to 50% savings compared with compact fluorescents and previous generation LED bulbs.

For outdoors, the new lllumis Lights IP65 intelli-LED car park fixture not only maximises energy savings in car parks and commercial premises but also leads the market for light quality and reliability.

It boasts a fixture efficacy of 105-115m/W and benefits from impact-resistant polycarbonate housing. It also has LM80-tested Osram LEDs and a five-year product warranty.

The fixture comes in two versions, standard (non-dimmable) and the intelli-LED (microwave dimming) intelligent dimming model, which dims automatically to 20% of power when no moving objects are detected, reverting to 100% for a user-defined period of 8 seconds to 12 minutes when movement occurs. The fixture can also detect and react to ambient light levels.

Designed specifically with MSCP and industrial applications in mind, the fixtures work well for new or retrofit installations and can be easily upgraded with future LED technology.

Lumen outputs range from 2300lm - 7450lm across standard 4000k & 5000k CCTs. There's also three-hour integrated emergency back-up, Wieland quick-fix connector and 10-year extended warranty options available.

About Illumis Lights

Illumis Lights designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, quality-assured and independently-tested LED lighting fixtures to OEMs for private label and commercial buyers in the UK, continental Europe and North America. We offer outstanding value, attentive support and premium products at the cutting-edge of design and technology.


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