Solid Apollo's LED low-voltage lights bring color options to outdoor lighting projects

July 21, 2014
Solid Apollo LED Lighting introduces a new range of seven outdoor landscaping LED lighting solutions. Each high quality low voltage LED landscaping light comes with a variety of colors, mounting options, and sizes to bring the perfect amount of light to any outdoor project. With summer here, a desire to improve and enjoy our outdoor living areas, such as gardens, decks and patios, is even more important.

Current outdoor lighting options are limited, many flood too much light and cannot be dimmed and even fewer have multi-color options. Even the number of lights able to link together can be limited. Solid Apollo's answer is variety -- vibrant colors from white, to color changing RGB, and even RGB-W: with color changing when you want and white when you need it. The color changing lights are extremely compact and efficient as the color mixing is done directly in each LED, no separate inefficient single color LED’s are required to make the colors. The color mixing creates a more efficient, brighter and more compact design. Also multi-positionable options, from solid mount, stake mount, in-ground and in-wall mounting is possible. Each light is low voltage, fully dimmable and can be tied together for a long chain of lighting.

Manuel Barquin, the CEO of Solid Apollo, stated, "With so few options available in the current market, a need for vibrant colors and a variety of mounting options is exactly what's needed to make the most out of all outdoor projects."

Each of the seven available models bring a variety of durable long-lasting options to any outdoor project. For example, the LED Beamer is a powerful multi-adjustable round LED light with RGB-W color changing and white. The LEDs in the Beamer mix the actual color in the LED, instead of using multiple separate color LEDs. This new design makes the Beamer even more powerful, yet compact and efficient. The PathwayPro is an in-ground LED light, with RGB-W color changing plus white and with two optional cover colors, in Stainless Steel or Coffee Brown. The PathwayPro is extremely durable and strong enough for people and vehicles to drive over without damage. The StepPro is a rectangular linear recessed in-wall light, great for adding light to walls, stairs, hallways, retaining walls and even around water features.

The seven models from Solid Apollo are great for bringing a variety of light options to any outdoor lighting project and can be configured to bring the perfect amount of light to any application. Solid Apollo also offers completely waterproof outdoor connectors, making longer, multiple wire connections, easier to do, including two, four and five wire connections.

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Michael Horton - Solid Apollo LED Lighting