SEPCO's SolarUrban solar-powered LED fixture designed for street and area lighting

July 10, 2014

SEPCO™, a.k.a. the Solar Electric Power Company, is a pioneering U.S. designer/manufacturer of completely off-grid commercial, institutional, municipal street, roadway, walkway and outdoor area lighting; 100% powered from what is literally Recycled Sunshine™.

New Product Introduction: SolarUrban LED -- solar powered, ultra energy-conserving, full cutoff LED outdoor pole-mounted lights, in "contemporary-classic" early 20th Century designs. Units are furnished from factory with a complete, simple, solar-power assembly and mounting hardware for attachment to each light pole. Product Design: SEPCO™ Solar Electric Power Company In-House Lighting Product Development and Engineering Team. Manufacturer: SEPCO™, founded 1994. Product Applications: Urban, suburban, rural communities and lands where ultra-energy-saving, dark-sky, full cut-off LED street, roadway, walkway and outdoor area lighting is mandated or preferred. Units are readily solar powered and completely off grid, with no electrical hookups needed. Solar-power assemblies range from a capacity of 10 to 425 Watts, with a compact storage battery that provides five-day autonomy when fully charged. Product Desription: SolarUrban LED, is a decorative contemporary-classic style luminaire, complete with LEDs and driver to operate from a furnished solar-charged battery. SolarUrban LED mounts virtually anywhere on the pole or on a wall below the solar panel. It even mounts separately on another pole or wall, including in the shade. Choices of three pole-height and dome-size options are available. LED white-light lamp outputs range from 15 to 60 watts and provide Type II, III, IV and V dimmable distribution patterns. Construction and Finishes: The SolarUrban LED solar lighting system comes complete with solar-power assembly, fixture, bracket and pole- or wall-mounting hardware. Poles meet wind-load specification options. Many finish options available for poles, light heads and brackets. Contact Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for SolarUrban LED, or for any of the wide-ranging SEPCO™ outdoor street, roadway, walkway and area lighting, can be obtained by contacting SEPCO™, the Solar Electric Power Company, 1521 SE Palm Court, Stuart, Florida 34994.




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