T8 LEDs Now provides 6-9W T8 LED universal retrofit tube

July 10, 2014
PITTSBURGH -- T8 LEDs Now introduces the first universal LED retrofit tube that works in every existing T8 fluorescent fixture with no ballast change, no starter change, no re-wiring, and no electrician. This revolutionary bulb achieves 80% energy efficiency and uses 6 to 9 Watts of power depending on your ballast type with the same or greater lumens.

"Installation is literally as easy as changing a light bulb."

Our patented UL-approved high performance tri-phosphor lights offer maximum brightness and color rendering. They are perfect for large office buildings, colleges, hospitals, parking garages, retail stores - anywhere you need to replace large quantities of T8 fluorescent tubes without disruption.

Looming government regulations have finally started to affect businesses using T8 fluorescent bulbs. These regulations specify that businesses need to properly dispose of and replace legacy fluorescent lamps.

"Everyone is worried about the upcoming T8 fluorescent tube ban. The costs associated with replacing hundreds or thousands of bulbs can be staggering. Electricians, permits, down-time, fire insurance implications. There's a lot to deal with. Our bulb solves this problem for everyone and the return on investment is amazing considering the alternatives."

For more information, please visit www.t8ledsnow.com/learn/.

About T8 LEDs Now
T8 LEDs Now is a Pittsburgh-based company specializing in education and sales of universal retrofit T8 tubes.


Dave Bowers, Owner - T8 LEDs Now

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