Shanghai Sansi wins three awards during Guangzhou lighting exhibition

July 8, 2014
The 19th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held this year on June 19, 2014 in Guangzhou, China. This highly anticipated annual event invites the top tier market leaders in China’s lighting industry. This year the spotlight shone on Shanghai Sansi as they received a winning streak in three major categories: The Top 10 Products Award, Top 10 Projects Award and the Top 10 Persons of Outstanding Character Award.

The Guangzhou Lighting Awards first began in November of 2013. Since then, the LED Lighting Committee has received over 290 LED product applications from 104 enterprises, 101 LED project applications from 80 companies, and 67 nominations for the Outstanding Character category.

Over one hundred nomination judges from the Lighting Award Review Committee and cooperating institutions adhere to the voting rules which allows each member to cast 10 votes per category, where every enterprise per category is allowed only one project selection. The nominating committee narrowed down final nominations to 30 finalists to compete at the Lighting Awards.

On June 7, 2014, seven final committee judges voted for the final winners for the Top 10 Products Award, Top 10 Projects Award and Top 10 Persons of Outstanding Characters Award. Judges presiding were: Wenbo Pan (President of Guangya Group), Qingxuan Zhan (Consultant of China Illuminating Engineering Society), Xiaojie An (Chief Designer of Light & View Lighting Design Co., Ltd.), Binghua Li (Vice President of Architectural Society of China), Linping Dou (Vice President of China Illuminating Engineering Society), Tienan Li (President of China Senior Lighting Designers Alumni Association), Haibo Wang (Vice President of China Association of Lighting Industry). This strict selection made for a fierce competition.

These awards mark a significant milestone in Sansi's history reflecting the company's strength in innovation, technology and the people behind the products who have constantly pushed the boundaries to spearhead the way for the LED applications industry over the last two decades.

Shanghai SANSI proudly carries this award not only for the itself but in representation for the entire Chinese LED lighting industry to achieve world class status.


Shanghai Sansi Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd - Anny Jiang, Sales engineer's assistant

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