Green X LED releases Sorell LED canopy retrofit kit with power factor of 99%

July 30, 2014
Green X LED is proud to introduce the Sorell LED Canopy retrofit Kit. This stylishly engineered and designed system operates at 85w compared to the existing 320-400w MH / HPS bulbs.

Sorell LED Canopy retrofit kit offers the ideal, energy-efficient replacements for metal halide Scottsdale fixture and qualify for significant utility rebates. With an installation time of approximately 10 minutes per fixture, Sorell retrofit kits will save money on expensive installation costs as well. Our driver offers a power factor of 99 percent and operate on 120-277V or 347V and 480V electrical systems.

The driver is built using reliable Texas Instrument components which allows the driver to control Multiple circuits simultaneously, ensuring an even light from each module as well as guarding against full-module light outage and dark field.

Sorell's light source utilizes an impressive array of forty eight Samsung LH351A LEDs with a light output of over 9000 lumens. Light is focused through specially engineered lens to allow as much as 70 foot-candles of light from a height of 20 feet. Available in a 5500K correlated color temperature (CCT), Sorell is constructed with a die cast aluminium interior that acts a heat sink for the LED modules, with a UV stabilized impact resistant ABS outer shell protector.

The PMMA lens seals the module to protect against dirt, dust and water ingress to an IP65 rating while the fixture is engineered to operate at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 122°F.
Sorell outperforms the big name major competitors in Price, Performance , and Design. Sorell Canopy luminaries start impacting your bottom line the day you install them.

Green X LED is committed to providing energy-efficient lighting products into LED technology in the industry. Through Green X LEDs innovative research, development and manufacturing facility in its China based factory, Green X LED continues to be at the forefront of energy-efficient technologies and outstanding innovative product range.


Green X LED

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