Solid Apollo LED Lighting offers aluminum LED lighting profiles for for professional installations

July 3, 2014
Solid Apollo LED Lighting has just released a new line of 11 unique aluminum LED lighting profiles. With a large variety of profiles to suit almost every LED project. Do-it-yourselfers, architects, lighting designers, and contractors now have even more options in creating the perfect LED Lighting installation.

This is the second generation of LED aluminum channels created by Solid Apollo and their experience and knowledge from the first generation has gone into making this new generation the best yet.

One of the largest issues lighting designers, contractors and architects face when developing linear lighting solutions, is to create clean, bright and functional systems. This requires the light to appear smooth and continuous.

Previously, there were only three basic solutions to create this effect: LED Light Strips, Neon lights and LED linear fixtures. These solutions unfortunately were difficult for creating a continuous path of light, as shadows and light gaps were easily created. These solutions also involved clumsy and bulky installations due to the amount of cabling required.

Another issue with linear LED lighting has been the difficulty to position the lights precisely to avoid glare and discomfort from improper installation.

According to Manuel Barquin, CEO of SolidApollo, "The idea is very simple, we have created high grade linear aluminum profiles in numerous shapes to meet the demands of almost every installation. Each profile is easy to use, simply place the LED strip in the profile, and use the optional diffusers to create a continuous linear path of light. There are really no limitations to the length or levels of brightness desired."

There are several competitive advantages by using Solid Apollo's LED lighting profiles. Depending on the profile chosen, LED strips from 12mm to 30mm wide can be used to achieve the exact color and brightness required. The profiles can also be customized to fit almost any length.

There are several exciting new designs now available. The first is the large variety of recessed profile options, such as the T12 Recessed, T20 Recessed, and the Floor profile. Not only can all of these profiles be installed in wood floors, walls, ceilings, drywall and cabinets, but the new floor model can also take the weight of people and vehicles on it. This is possible by the high grade PVC diffuser designed by Solid Apollo.

Another new and improved design is the Corner profile, which has been constructed to easily fit in any 90 degree corner. The low profile and professional finish is perfect for installations requiring a discrete light source, such as display cases for jewelry or retail applications.

The new profiles from Solid Apollo can easily be installed directly indoors or outside, on facades, walls, floors and ceilings, and easily compliment a variety of businesses such as restaurants and hotels. Many of the profiles also offer multiple diffusers to meet the exact style of lighting required. The three diffusers are, clear, semi-frosted and opal finishes.

Solid Apollo also offers a wide selection of LED light strips, all using low voltage, from 12W to 72W, and they also offers a wide range of standard colors and up to five different white colors, to meet the exact needs of any installation.

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