Fern-Howard's edge-lit LED bulkhead makes the shortlist in Lux Awards exterior luminaire category

Oct. 16, 2014
In a category dominated by products that are perhaps more flamboyant, it’s good to see that the humble bulkhead has not been forgotten, and that Fern-Howard’s EdgeLED™ P5 bulkhead has made the Lux Awards shortlist in the exterior luminaire of the year category.

The most significant redesign of the bulkhead concept since its introduction, the EdgeLED™ P5 uses Fern-Howard’s unique Edge-lit LED technology – which places LEDs around the edges of a light guide using Rambus patented MicroLens® optics for high optical efficiency and precise light control - meaning less energy is used to light any given space, costs are reduced and carbon emissions kept to a minimum. That same technology also allows the bulkhead to be slimmer than ever before - allowing Fern-Howard to create the first truly elegant bulkhead luminaire.

The final of the Lux Awards takes place at The Trox in East London on the 20th November 2014 and, as Marketing Manager Elke Hahmann says, shows mainstream recognition of this important Fern-Howard technology.

“Being shortlisted for this Award confirms our belief that lighting of any format warrants the application of new and innovative technology – and that everyone benefits as a result.”


Elke Hahmann, Marketing Manager - Fern-Howard Ltd.

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