LED Eco Lights' Goodlight LED SON-style lamps use MagLev fan technology for thermal management

Oct. 2, 2014

Pioneering the use of MagLev fan technology with LED in a UK first, the new range of Goodlight G360 LED SON replacement lamps is set to shake the retrofit SON market, reaching a staggering 140 lumens per watt (Lm/W).

Traditionally, SON-style LED lamps have been specified to replace E27 and E40 lamps usually associated with industrial lighting applications in high and low bay lighting, or for exterior use in bollards and street lighting. However, these LED lamps generate high temperatures during operation which can result in premature lamp failure. To combat this problem, manufacturers have to incorporate bulky heat sinks and cooling fans into the design of the lamps. This is not an ideal solution because, apart from the unsightly appearance of the heat sinks, the motor-based fans also generate high noise levels which can be unacceptable even when lamps are installed at heights up to 10 metres. Frequently, the problem of noisy fans in traditional SON-style LED lamps has been exacerbated by the high failure rates of the fans themselves. A reliance on moving parts, such as sleeve and contact bearings, means that excessive wear often results in unstable fans, poor performance and, ultimately, failure. To eliminate this problem, the Goodlight G360 LED SON replacement lamps incorporate patented MagLev (magnetic levitation) fan technology which eliminates the need for bearings. As a result, the new fans generate less than 0.5dB, making them almost silent in operation. Another unique feature of the new Goodlight G360 LED SON replacement lamp range is the dual function of its integral heat sink. The innovative aluminium heat sink has been designed as a skeletal frame onto which the light-emitting PCBs are securely clipped. This revolutionary design obviates the need for solder or screws so problems associated with dry joints and vibration do not arise. The incorporation of MagLev fan technology, matched to an ingenious heat sink, ensures that the new range of Goodlight G360 LED SON replacement lamps provides a unique thermal management system. This means that the lamps utilise higher powered LED chips – achieving 140 lumens per watt - to operate ultra reliably at temperatures above 70°C thereby achieving unparalleled brightness across a wide range of industrial, commercial and street lighting applications. “Our new range of Goodlight G360 LED SON replacement lamps is the result of several years of meticulous product development and exhaustive testing,” says Saima Shafi, LED Eco Lights’ Co-Founder. “LED SON replacement lamps are very popular due to the energy savings they deliver and the ease of retrofit replaceability. Our new G360 range provides unrivalled lighting levels and reliability with its unique cooling system. Breaking new ground with MagLev fan technology and LED, we believe that our new range is the brightest and most efficient available. Virtually silent in operation, it leaves competitor products in the dark!”


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