Sunon's 12W LED downlight features an integrated DC fan for the residential market

Oct. 2, 2014

SUNON has unveiled the first LED downlight to feature an integrated DC fan. Designed for the private-home market, this two-in-one product is particularly cost-effective thanks to its fan, which cools the LED light and results in as much as 70% less energy consumption. SUNON'S LED downlights with integrated fan are also easy to install and maintain, and have a particularly small form factor.

The first model placed on the market is a 12W LED downlight with a 95 m3/h fan. Optimising energy consumption was one of the first areas of research SUNON's teams explored when developing this LED downlight. Whereas competing solutions use AC motors, the fan in this new LED downlight has a brushless DC motor. The absence of brushes reduces mechanical friction during rotation. Furthermore, brushless DC motors are more efficient, generate less noise and last longer. Thanks to their electronic control system, they also have the advantage of delivering the exact amount of power needed for ventilation without reducing performance. The air produced by the fan serves as an active cooling system for the LED downlight to further reduce its electricity consumption, lower its heat level and thereby extend its life. Lastly, the LED downlight has an efficiency ratio (CMH/W) of 15, meaning that it consumes 72% less electricity than versions with shaded-pole motors and 58% less than versions with alveolate motors. Its low energy consumption makes it an ideal solution to help architects comply with new low-energy-building standards, such as BBC in France, Passivhaus in Germany and Minergie in Switzerland. The stylish design of SUNON's LED downlights with integrated fan as well as their small form factor and low noise level make them particularly suitable for installation inside kitchen and bathroom drop ceilings. About the Sunon Group One out every three notebook in the world uses SUNON heat cooling solutions. Established in 1980 and headquartered in Taiwan, Sunonwealth (the Sunon Group) is the world leader in heat transfer solutions for notebooks and industrial applications. With 5 manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan and R&D Centres in Taiwan, China, Japan, America and Europe, and a workforce of over 4000, Sunon has a veritable global presence. About Sunon Europe SUNON Europe, created in 2000, is based in France, along with the technical department. A German subsidiary was opened in May 2002. Sunon Europe currently accounts for 25% of worldwide sales and is along making steady inroads into high-profit sectors such as mobile telecommunications products, automotive, video and audio projectors, LED lighting and large domestic electric appliances.


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