Hussmann introduces EcoShine Quick Connect LED lights for retail lighting applications

Oct. 31, 2014
Hussmann’s EcoShine Quick Connect LED lights feature an application specific design for service merchandiser canopy and shelf lights. The new LEDs attract shoppers to your service department by creating a superior visual experience within the refrigerated merchandiser, in particular your fresh meat display, say company officials. This new Hussmann LED tube was designed for use in all service merchandisers, delivers uniform lighting across the entire product display and is easy to install allowing food retailers to “upgrade” their current fluorescent lights to LEDs.

“The service department is very important in most grocery stores because of their high margin perishable and prepared products,” says Christine VanLeeuwen, LC, LED lighting product manager. “Our new EcoShine Quick Connect LED brings out the vivid colors of the specialty product displays, while protecting color and product integrity. It also provides up to 72% energy savings compared to fluorescents and offers excellent durability with five to eight year life expectancy. To balance the trade-off between better color rendering and warmer color temperature in service cases, the EcoShine Quick Connect LED is available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K to meet a store’s desired color temperature and merchandising appeal.”

“The new EcoShine Quick Connect LED is available from Hussmann’s Retail Optimization and is an extension of our full LED “upgrade” offering that includes reach-ins, multi-decks, walk-in coolers and now service deli merchandisers. It is quick and easy to install by simply replacing the existing ballasts and inserting the new LED into the existing fixture,” adds Marc Carr, energy services product manager. “Our Retail Optimization LED upgrade is a turnkey solution that includes in-store assessment of refrigerated display cases, equipment ordering, project scheduling and installation. A complete LED upgrade will improve merchandising with better product illumination and lower energy costs.”

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Cheryl Beach, Marketing Communications Manager - Hussmann Corporation

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