LED Lighting Inc. debuts 24V LED tape light and extralong-run Versa Bar XLR

Oct. 20, 2014
Chicago, IL -- LED Lighting Inc. (http://www.ledlightinginc.com), a primary resource for custom illumination solutions, has added 24-volt tape light and expanded their Versa Bar product line to include “XLR” (extra long run). The Versa Bar XLR is offered in warm white (3000K), neutral white (4300K) and cool white (6250K).

“We are committed to ensuring that our customers have the best products for their applications, which drives us to constant and never ending improvement of our products and services,” says LED Lighting Inc.'s CEO, William (Bill) Hood.
Customers will experience numerous benefits including: half the current usage, cooler operating temperatures and the ability to specify longer runs per driver; the Versa Bar XLR has a maximum run of 32 feet per driver.

Most significantly, customers will experience minimal voltage drop, which ensures a more consistent light output from beginning to end. The importance of voltage drop for LED lighting is that an LED requires a minimum amount of current to accurately light. Less than the minimum current can cause an LED to flicker, or change the color and luminosity. This is more prominent in longer runs of LED tape light or Versa Bars.

In addition to these improvements, LED Lighting Inc. will offer 24-volt tape light, which features different cut points than 12-volt tape light. The 2014-2015 Catalog will incorporate all new product specifications.

LED Lighting Inc. will continue to stock 12-volt tape light and Versa Bars, but recommends customers to specify 24-volt tape light and the Versa Bar XLR to ensure optimum performance for all applications.

LED Lighting Inc. continues to relentlessly expand and position itself as one of the only Custom Illumination Solution specialists in the marketplace, since 2004. As an innovator of LED lighting and technology, LED Lighting Inc. recognizes its uniqueness with providing custom applications and meeting detailed specifications. LED Lighting Inc. products are thoroughly tested and backed with strong warranties. For more information visit http://www.ledlightinginc.com.


Samantha Raines - LED Lighting Inc.

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