Lumia LED lighting improves lux levels at high-end retail shop in Shanghai

Oct. 22, 2014
We are excited to announce the latest installation of Lumia® lighting in the exclusive retail shop of Dea Kudibal, a high-end Danish designer who is present in 12 different countries with more than 200 stores.

To ensure the presentation of their select products in the right atmosphere, we needed to replace the ceiling lighting in their newly opened shop in the fashionable Réel Mall in Shanghai, China. The old installation consisted of old fluorescent Spots of 50W with low CRI levels and a mix of different CCT levels. Moreover, the lux levels were too low compared to the standard recommendations for a retail store, and shadow areas were created on the floor.

We at Lumia® suggested a complete makeover, replacing the old installation with our Hague Series. This change achieves the recommended lux levels, a high and accurate Colour Rendering, and also considerable savings in power consumptions and maintenance, while ensuring that the Dea Kudibal collection shines in all its splendour.

We replaced 24 pieces of old fluorescent 50W lamps with 24 pieces of Hague 13. As a result, Dea Kudibal’s store achieved the following improvements:

- CRI improvements from below 60 to now CRI higher than 80.

- CCT improvement from 2700-4000K to a uniform 4000K.

- Lux levels were below 60 Lux and have now been increased to comply with the recommended level of 300 lux.

- Shadow areas: cloth shadows have been removed due to the increase in Lux levels and given an evenly distributed light level. Also the flexibility of the - Hague Series with its adjustable housing has removed cloth shadowing and increased light levels in desired locations.

- Power savings from a total output of 1200 W to now a fourth of this with only 312 W.

- Maintenance has been removed and now the installation has a lifetime of L70 – 50,000H.


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