Acolyte Industries BFL Exterior LED fixture provides extended-reach wall washing and grazing effects

Oct. 1, 2014
The BFL Exterior is Acolyte Industries’ newest linear high power fixture that can graze or wash up hundreds of feet. The fixture operates at 90-240V AC and comes in a 72 LED, 225 Watt model or a 108 LED, 300m Watt model. The fixture is available in beam angle options of 6°, 15°, 25°, 40°, or 60°.

BFL fixtures can be daisy-chained, with each unit containing a built in 700 mA constant current driver. The fixture is offered in color options of RGB, RGBW, warm white, neutral white, cool white, red, amber, green, and blue. RGB and RGBW fixtures are controlled through DMX, and the dimming of static color fixtures is also achieved through the use of a DMX system.

“The BFL Exterior is the brightest high power fixture in our line,” said Brandon Silwester, Acolyte Industries’ Design Manager. “With the ability to project nearly 500 ft, the BFL provides more light than any other high power fixture that we offer. It’s also available in a variety of beam angles and color options to meet a wide range of needs. The BFL will prove to be an extremely useful, durable and powerful fixture.”

The BFL Exterior is IP65 rated, features anti-UV powder coating, aluminum alloy housing, and tempered glass. With this resilient design, the BFL is ideal for use as a powerful building façade light as it can withstand outdoor conditions including moisture and direct sunlight.


Stephen Roche, Marketing Consultant - Acolyte LED

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