Insta Elektro supplies LED luminaires and linear lighting for energy and ecology exhibition

Oct. 13, 2014

The exhibition, organised by the Saarland Ministry of Economics, Employment, Energy and Transport, covers an area of 140 m², across two stories of the tower. The specification was to develop lighting, which sets the scene for the exhibits and starts up at the touch of a button.

Credit: Sebastian Caspary "COzwo and Co." is divided up into various topic areas: The climate crisis and new forms of energy, transport, climate-friendly, healthy nutrition and ecological agriculture and forestry. The exhibition is intended for all age groups, from school pupils to tourists. The light planning was tendered separately for this educational concept. The climate presentation should be self-explanatory and should animate the visitors to experience the exhibits interactively and with all their senses. Each of the above areas have colours assigned to them, which can be designed dynamically. Special luminaires with RGB LEDs scatter the matching light into the rooms as soon as visitors enter them. The Insta luminaires manage with a installation dimension of just 12 mm. They contain the entire technology required and are cabled in series, so that they can be controlled sequentially. They were equipped with LEDLUX LX RGB plane. Due to the low ceiling height specified by the construction, there was limited space for the light installations. For the general lighting, the light planners thus selected instalight 3018 with 2.5 W LED luminaires and a low installation depth of 22 mm. The lights create homogeneous illumination with warm-white light of 3000 K with a current consumption of just 3.4 W / m². An energy-saving value which meets the requirements of "COzwo and Co." completely. The development of the light concept and the medium control produced multiple modules: In the Water Lounge, the blue light mimics the movements of waves; a translucent material serves a room divider and projection area, visible from two sides. A peep hole makes the visible invisible to the observer - using blue and red images, which are illuminated with blue or red light. For this, LEDLUX LX RGB lines were used. The concave cinema offers films which can be recalled via an iPad. The exhibition, which opened in August 2013, appeals to the private initiative of every visitor and is designed to run for five years. Customer Ministry for Economics, Employment, Energy and Transport Architects AKS Architekturbüro Britta Tibo, Fäustheck 2, 66625 Nohfelden-Bosen Light planning Tobias Link, Peter Michely Str. 30, 66117 Saarbrücken, LED technology Insta Elektro GmbH, Lüdenscheid Photographer Sebastian Caspary


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