MHA Lighting launches End Lit Rod technology in new LodeStar LED lighting fixtures

Dec. 2, 2014
MHA Lighting is set to revolutionise the LED lighting market after unveiling a ruthlessly efficient brand new LED lighting technology.

The multi-award-winning LED lighting manufacturer has now officially launched its End Lit Rod (ELR) technology alongside the newly created LodeStar product range. The range, designed and manufactured in Greater Manchester, has been engineered to provide exceptional light quality, optical distribution and energy efficiency to heights of 2.5m to 25m for both internal and external applications.

The new technology combines high performance with un-rivalled light distribution allowing MHA to install the lowest-powered fixtures on the market - and fewer fittings too, creating a multiplier effect in terms of energy savings and payback periods.

MHA Lighting MD Tom Harrison, said: “We have been working hard for two years to develop this technology, patent it and create a market ready product range. To be able to officially launch it is a huge milestone for us all here at MHA and something we are incredibly proud of.

“What the MHA Team has created is more than an incremental improvement on existing technology – it is a fundamental step change in LED technology and its capabilities. We are in possession of something extremely powerful and highly innovative that is truly going to shape the future of the LED lighting industry.”

Unlike other LED luminaires, MHA’s solution uses Total Internal Reflection to transmit and direct the light into the workspace. Powerful CoB LED modules are located at each end of acrylic tubes - hiding the LEDs from view, thus dramatically reducing glare and creating even light distribution similar to that of a T8 array.

The resulting LodeStar product range combines the highest efficacies of up to 130 lumen/circuit watt (nett of all losses) with un-rivalled light-beam distribution, allowing MHA to install the most ruthlessly efficient and highest quality light fittings on the market. MHA Lighting’s solutions provide an LED lifetime of 109,000hours and benign drive currents of below 0.32A assure low junction temperatures of just 55°C for longevity and reliability.
The new technology is already gaining widespread recognition from the lighting industry with the BrightStar 209 product receiving a five star review for its technology by Lux Magazine’s technical editor Alan Tulla in his recent High Bay Review. Mr Tulla, who is also a Fellow and past President of the Society of Light and Lighting, said: “Total Internal Reflection is an extremely efficient method of transmitting light and a highly reflective matt extractor materials means that very little light from the LED chip is wasted. The real benefit comes from the fact that the heat from the LED chip is spread over a wide area whilst the optical space remains cool.”

Dr Gareth John, Photometric and Optical Testing’s technical director, added: “MHA has demonstrated a new approach to LED lighting that is both innovative and interesting and is sure to pay dividends. This technology creates a pleasant, even light distribution, not unlike a T8 array but with the obvious advantages of LEDs.”

Mr Harrison added: “To have the industry respond to the launch of our new technology in this way is really heartening. It confirms what we’ve believed for the last two years – that we have something very powerful and very different to offer. It is amazing to know that the lighting industry is as excited about our technology as we are.”


MHA Lighting

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