InventDesign engineers Dynamic Light Surface product with pre-programmed lighting schemes

Dec. 15, 2014
How an ordinary space becomes extraordinary...

Dynamic Light Surface gives you the freedom of design with the simplicity of installation. You have the power to liven up any interior just the way you like it. Select one of the 20 pre-programmed scenes and create a pleasant, emotional atmosphere in any interior. The revolutionary system is a suitable element for walls, ceilings and objects.

Play with light, quick and easy!
We have spent much time into making the product as easy as possible to install, whether it would be to a ceiling or a wall. We give you a wide range of possibilities for installation. From stiff direct connections to steel cables and magnets. We think that freedom when it comes to installation is crucial for a great product.

The Dynamic Light Surface works well for various industries. It’s an optimal solution for office environments, shops, restaurants, hotels, spa & wellness and public places. The Dynamic Light Surface delivers a visual experience like no other. This might lead to repeat visits and be talking points in conversations.

About InventDesign
InventDesign is a successful company in the world of creative LED lighting. InventDesign delivers a wide range of products and custom-made LED solutions to various companies all over the world.
Discover the Dynamic Light Surface.



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