Syhdee supplies LED tubes for lighting retrofit in Brazil's Panasonic Battery Factory

Background: Panasonic Battery Factory in Brazil sought for new LED lamps for its traditional lamps replacement. Old lamps for general lighting were fluorescent tube lights. One of our Brazil customers cooperated with us in this case.

Solutions: We learned from our customers about the traditional fluorescent tube lights dimension and power supply Panasonic Battery factory used. As well, our Brazil partner offered us related information on previous wiring condition of Panasonic battery factory. Considering all the details of this case, eventually, we provided our customers with 8ft T10 tube lights for battery factory.

Benefits: Industrial lighting application bears high standard on safety and luminous efficacy. Syhdee T10 LED tube is characterized by broader emitting
area and all plastic tube body, which is excellent on safety and luminance, as well as favorable on price. Moreover, two-end power supply position is one of the features for this new led t10 tube lights.

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