Ledwide releases new aluminum channels for solid-state lighting designs

Dec. 4, 2014
LEDWIDE is releasing 10 creative new aluminum channels available in many shapes and sizes to create custom LED fixtures of nearly any length.

The new lineup is made up of the compact Round24 and C22 slim channels for pure pendant lighting. The channels are sold in 1 , 2 and 2,5 meter lengths which can be cut to any custom length. The larger channels,WP46, W60, W80 , E50 series can be connected to make extended length fixtures. AW4 series, AW5 series can be used to light walls with standard power leds or high power leds, even you can place your drivers invisible using AW5 series,. AT11 and C22 are available with clear, milky and frosted lenses while the remaining new pendants come with milky lenses to provide excellent light diffusion.

With the new lineup of pendants, and our existing high brightness led tape and channel, LEDWIDE offers the ability to create completely custom fixtures designed to meet precise specifications.


Ledwide Lighting Co., Ltd
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