GEBright adopts Honglitronic packaged LED in track lighting with fin-based thermal management

Dec. 31, 2014
Adopting Honglitronic packaged LED that meets the Energy Star® Standard LM-80 lifetime, high brightness, high luminous efficacy and good color consistency are the basic features of this LED track light from GEBright.

But beyond that, the most important feature of this light lies in its heat dissipation system. First, the design of the active fin heat dissipation system significantly increases the overall heat dissipation, which can rapidly cool down the light source and effectively reduce luminous decay and extend the service life of the light. The transparent duct design imitates shark gills to improve the air current efficiency andensure its heat dissipation is not affected by clothing or fabric.

Second, the “zipped-fins” and “crimped fins” patent technologies from PCCooler guarantee lighter weight, larger heat dissipation area, and better performance of heat dissipation for its fins directly fit the heat source. What’s more, the fins are made of aluminum 1060 with high thermal conductivity.

Certainly, what we can talk about with regard to this track light is not only its light source and thermal design, but also its simple streamlined structure. The snap-in design provides easy installation and high efficiency; double adjustment points of 360° and 260° are suitable for all around lighting; a PC/ABS anti-aging housing protects the light from high temperature and moisture; and the black or white body color matches the ceiling to make the light body invisible while lights are on.

Both beautiful and practical, this LED track light can be used in many places, such as show rooms, working areas, starred hotels, upscale clubs, exhibition halls, shopping malls, retail windows, background walls, etc.


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