Access Fixtures offers 75% price reduction on LED wallpack retrofit kits

Dec. 12, 2014
WORCESTER, Mass. -- Access Fixtures has announced that LED retrofit kits for wall packs are now available at a significantly reduced price. As the price of LEDs continue to fall, the price of LED retrofit kits is dropping as well. Now at only 75% of the original cost, LED retrofit kits for wall packs offer an easy upgrade for existing wall packs. This is the ideal solution for historic or architecturally unique fixtures that are difficult to swap out for new ones. The LED retrofit kit replaces up to 150w HID lamps and ballasts for most standard wall packs and many other types of area lights. Compared to metal halide or high pressure sodium, the LED retrofit reduces energy by up to 85%.

“Access Fixtures LED retrofit kits are a fast and easy way to upgrade existing wall packs and area lights without the added cost of purchasing new fixtures,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “The new price enables property managers and electrical contractors to upgrade existing fixtures at an even more affordable price, which enhances the return on investment of the upgrade.”

LED retrofit kids are easily to install by simply removing the current lamp, ballast and reflector; bolting in the LED retrofit kit; and directing the adjustable LED light engine. Rated LM70 at 50,000 hours, LED wall packs are energy-efficient and virtually maintenance free. LEDs only provide light in a desired location, increasing the efficacy of the fixture. Access Fixtures LED retrofit kits are Assembled in the USA and qualified by DesignLights Consortium, making them eligible for most energy-company rebates.

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Access Fixtures offers commercial and sports lighting for less, and features light fixtures with LED, induction, eHID, PS-MH and CFL light sources that are long lasting and energy saving. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures can competitively build and custom finish luminaires and poles to the performance specifications required. Access Fixtures' extensive lineup of interior and exterior lighting fixtures includes products for sports, commercial, industrial, residential and hospitality applications. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollards, garage lighters, vandal resistant, exit and emergency, high bay, low bay, linear fluorescent, track lighting and grow light fixtures. For more information visit Access Fixtures at

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