Sequoia Lighting develops LED soffit kits for outdoor solid-state lighting applications

Dec. 19, 2014
The Sequoia Lighting Corporation, manufacturers of quality lighting products and accessories, has just released their new line of LED Soffit Kits.

The LED Energy Star Soffit Series Conversion Kits provide extremely long life compared to conventional bulbs and can reduce energy costs up to 80%. Each kit utilizes reliable, high power LED’s which minimize energy consumption and maximizes light distribution. The kit’s body is made of durable, corrosion resistant aluminum and is designed for easy installation.

The LED Conversion Kits have been tested and approved by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

Applications include:

• Tunnels/Bridge Overcrossings
• Freeways / Highways
• Pedestrian Crossings
• Transportation Terminals

For more information on Sequoia Lighting’s LED Soffit Conversion Kits or its complete line of products and accessories, visit their website or call 562/755-7317.


Mitch Klasna - Sequoia Lighting Corporation

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