My Lumens launches 14W LED tubes that produce even, indirect lighting using MCPET materials

Dec. 11, 2014
My Lumens specializes in indirect LED lighting products. One of our main product is high efficacy LED tubes using patented technology resulting in efficacy of 160lm/W tube. This translates to 12.5W and 2000 lm, 14W and 2300 lm, 5000K CCT, and Ra = 80. Energy savings are 20% as compared to the 130 lm/W tubes.

My Lumens is also the partner and distributor for Furukuwa Electronics Japan on the specialty material. The tubes are produced from the same factory supplying to Cree/Osram, etc. My Lumens has a patent for the specialty reflective material MCPET*. With this reflective film, the technology can remove hot spots to produce very even lighting and achieve more lux.

Since the light output from a traditional LED product is so strong, many customers want to find a suitable lighting product with higher quality light output for indoor applications, so perhaps indirect LED lighting is a good solution for those customers. But the big problem is lumens/watt will be reduced using a typical indirect LED lighting solution...But MCPET solutions can solve this problem with 160 lm/w. It is the top class technology all over the world!

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*Note: MCPET is a foamed PET (polyethylene terephthalate) sheet from Furukawa Electronics Japan. The sheet consists of extremely small bubbles which are 10 microns or less in diameter. Lights cut into MCPET to repeat reflection and refraction at the interface of air and PET. As the interface is so big due to extremely small bubbles, light can repeat many reflections and refractions. This results in high performance of reflectivity for MCPET: Total reflection rate = 99% / Diffuse reflection rate = 96%.



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