TDE-lighttech releases tunable white LED spotlight delivering up to 2000 lm

Dec. 1, 2014
After the successful launch of the Moodspot, TDE-lighttech proudly presents the more powerful Moodspot TW2000, delivering up to 2000 lumen.

The Moodspot is a Tunable White LED spot able to transform the emotional experience of a space by dynamically adjusting its colour temperature, anywhere between neutral white (4000K) to very warm white (1400K).

Perfectly mimicking halogen style dimming, the Moodspot embraces the black body curve while dimming smoothly down to 0%. In addition this new technology allows you to respond to changing demands in lighting requirements without replacing fixtures.

• Halogen style dimming
• Tunable White: 4000K – 1400K
• Hugh lumen output (up to 2000 lumen)
• Dims perfectly down to 0%
• CRI >87 (4000K)

About TDE-lighttech:
TDE-lighttech is known for their tailor-made approach and innovative lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural market. Standing at the forefront of lighting technology for over 20 years, the company distinguishes itself by its expertise, professionalism and guidance. The entire product range is designed and manufactured at their Holland based production centre.


Stephan Krijn, Marketing & Communications - TDE-lighttech

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