Yaham Lighting upgrades linear LED high bay with microwave induction system

Dec. 3, 2014
As there's a growing demand for energy saving technology in industrial lighting, Yaham Lighting upgraded its linear LED high bay light to be more intelligent, energy saving, and convenient with advanced microwave induction.

The HF system 5.8GHz microwave induction sensor is assembled inside of the high bay. And this active motion detector is approved by CE, R&TTE certification; it proved its safety and non-interference with human health and communication signals. Moreover, compared with infrared motion sensors, the microwave motion sensor is more sensitive, reliable, and will not be affected by smoke, fog or temperature. With longer service life, it is provided with a 5 year guarantee as well as the lamp.

In addition, the corridor function provides more energy savings and comfortable LED lighting along with the intelligent induction solution. Through this module, Yaham's linear LED high bay can realize the following energy saving operations:

1. When no movement is detected in the area, all lamps will be not bright.
2. When any movement is detected, 100% brightness is achieved.
3. If no motion is detected for 3 minutes, light starts standby and brightness reduces to 50%.
4. After being on standby for a minute and no movement is detected, the light will switch off.

In general, microwave induction range is an irregular space ellipse sphere down from the sensor; it depends on the mounting height of the lamp. When at 3m, induction range is 12m~16m in diameter. For best results, Yaham Lighting suggests that the most appropriate mounting height is from 3m to 10m.

As a professional supplier of this induction lighting solution, Yaham is dedicated to providing more intelligent, safe and energy-saving lighting designs for all customers.


Yaham lighting
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