Cobright supplies customized 35W LED lamps to Japanese customer for replacement of mercury lamps

June 10, 2014

Since the end of 2013, it is calculated that there are more than 1320pcs Cobright 35W high power bulbs that have been installed in Hokkaido, Japan.

This product was customized with one Japan client who is the biggest sales agent of Cobright outdoor products. First our client showed their project to us and put forward their requirements to us that this product appearance should be different from others; it would be used to replace traditional mercury lamps; anti-mosquito was a necessary requirement; most important, the light efficiency should reach 100 lm/w; and it had to comply with the Japanese market regulations.

Our R&D team started the exploration of this product in March 2011. At the very beginning, as a result of the Japan client's strict requirements, nearly 20-30 designs were rejected and redesigned. After many times modification and debugging, with the satisfaction of the client's approval of the design, the first sample was born on 8 August 2014. When it was displayed to the client, Mr. Tanaka Akio was full of praise. He affirmed the hard work of the engineers and complimented that this was a product of heart.

The outstanding features for this product design are:
1. Petite size in zipped-fin heat sink design
This lamp is used to replace traditional mercury lights. The lamp size was restricted, but the at the same time we had to consider the heat sink, because the total lamp had to reach 35W in order to achieve light efficiency. Finally, engineers adopted aluminum alloy in a ZIPPED-FIN technology design, which makes an excellent heat cooling system. By this design the lamp size was constrained to 118*267mm but the lamp surface temperature couldn't exceed 55 degrees at 35 watts.

2. High light efficiency
In order to get a reasonably high light output but at a good price and performance, the engineers discussed with LED packaging factory personnel and tested many kinds of LED chip. The LED light source was supplied by Korea LG or SSC; one factor is that their light output performance is much better than others, and another factor is they are reliable suppliers who are approved by our Japan clients. And the lamp cover is glass; as everyone knows glass has a better light transmission than PC. The total lamp efficiency can reach 100 lm/w; in CW it is greater than 3500 lm.

3. High efficiency intelligent driver
The range for the input voltage is wide from 100-240VAC or 277VAC, which enables the LED lamp to be used all over the world. A unique protection circuit and exact constant current system ensure capabilities such as anti-interference and light stability. The CRI is>80 plus, and the beam angle is 230 degrees.

At present the main wattages for this kind of lamp are: 20W, 25W, 35W and 40W. Higher power models will be a future research and development target.

Till now nearly thousands of 35W LED bulbs were installed in Hokkaido, Japan. The customer complaint rate is less than 1%.

Cobright pays strict attention to customer needs and product applications. We warmly welcome clients to choose Cobright products.


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