Edison Opto highlights products designed for specialty lighting markets at 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

June 10, 2014

As the market acceptance of LED is gradually increasing, there are more and more areas where LED lighting can be applied. The Taiwanese leading brand of LED packaging, Edison Opto, has recently launched various high CRI and special light series products to branch out into special lighting markets. Edison Opto will participate in the 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition and showcase their latest LED products. It is expected that Edison Opto will attract the attention of customers and the lighting industry.

Studies have shown that luminous intensity and light color will affect mental and physical health. Featuring high color rendering and dimmability, LED lighting can provide comfortable lighting ambience according to the body's needs. With the goal of developing human factor lighting, Edison Opto has introduced several high CRI products. Taking PLCC as an example, the CRI of Edison's 3014 (01W/0.2W), 5630 (0.5W) and 3528 (1W) are higher than 90. While the EdiPower II HM Series, which is known for excellent luminous efficiency, has upgraded the CRI value up to 90 (and greater than 95@3000K). This breakthrough has allowed the HM series to become a preferred choice for museum and hospital lighting where high CRI light sources are required to represent the actual color of objects.

Furthermore, Edison Opto has developed its EdiPower II HM30 special light series to match fresh foods, clothes and skin colors. For clothing lighting, Edison introduces Snowhite LED which approximates the effect of traditional CDM and is able to present the clean and pure texture of fabric or clothes. In addition, the 3000K color temperature and high CRI (greater than 80) mean Snowhite LED can create a warm display space and highlights the clothes' true colors. Therefore, it is suitable for showcasing merchandise in clothing stores.

For bakery lighting applications, Edison's Aroma LED (2400K) exhibits a champagne gold color which can help to emphasize the luster of bread, cheese and wine, making food look more tasty and attractive. Moreover, Edison Opto also developed a special phosphor proportion to emit deep pink light (Ruby LED) which can enhance the red in fresh meat and flowers. EdiPower HM Ruby LED is the best choice for supermarket and flower shop applications.

LED lighting can not only enhance the appearance color of food and clothes but also emhance the appearance of facial features. Edison Opto launches Mela LED which can bring out the rosy luster of natural skin. Featuring high CRI (up to 90), EdiPower HM Mela LED is the perfect match for beauty & makeup lighting.

Edison Opto will be exhibiting at 2014 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition from June 09 to June 12, 2014, in China Import and Export Fair Complex. To support this high profile lighting event, a brilliant stand dedicated to LED lighting technology and unique LDMS lighting design solution service has been constructed to exhibit an astonishing array of power LEDs, new module products and SSL (solid state lighting) applications. Please visit us at Booth No. A19 in Hall 10.2 and experience the latest developments in LED lighting technologies.


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