Photonics releases lightweight LED panel with simplified installation

June 12, 2014
The new 'Photonics' light weight LED panel has been designed with new benefits, when compared with other products of its type and level. The most obvious benefit is its weight, this LED panel could be considered as the lightest LED panel in the world at the moment. Combining both the weight and the design of the new LED panel there are advantages to consider when comparing this with other panels available which are that it is easier to install and maintain.

With these advantages mentioned leads to a benefit which everyone loves to hear, which is saving money, not to mention the performance of the panel which will also save on the utility bills. Again due to its weight and design the way in which you will save on costs is for example, you may look for an electrician to install the panel and it is quiet common that they will charge an hourly rate. A typical LED panel can take over an hour to install or maintain due to the way it is structured and wired, but for this example we will assume it will take an hour, with the Photonics LED panel it will take roughly 15-20 minutes. There are two main reasons why there is such a big difference in installation time, and one is the weight of the panel which we have already mentioned, secondly is due to the retrofit design. For example if a user had 10 panels to install this could take a minimum of 10 hours(possibly longer), but with the Photonics panel this will take no more than 3 hours and 20 minutes, based on it taking 20 minutes to install each one. When comparing the cost of installing a typical LED panel and a Photonics panel, the difference is a minimum of about 7 hours, so if you calculate 7 hours multiplied by the hourly rate this a considerable amount.

Some things to consider when looking at the Photonics LED Panel

- Light weight compared to an existing fluorescent fixture of the same size, the Photonics LED panel could be considered the lightest panel available right now.
- No problem to change from fluorescent fixture to our Photonics LED panel. Meaning there is no need to reinforce the existing ceiling structure.
- Because the panel is light weight this ultimately means easy installation.
- Replaceable parts unlike most or all other panels available at the moment, which makes Photonics LED panel more flexible and cheaper to maintain. From plastic bolts, optics cover, LED strips and LED driver. They are so easy to replace or install that there is no need to hire an electrician, most other LED panels available in the market cannot be as easily maintained.
- Maintenance easy and cheaper.
- Transportation of the panel could be cheaper, as some logistics companies may charge by the weight of the products.
- The illumination of LED panel is high, so depending on preference and specification the lumen output of the LED Panel is a minimum of 3000 lumens.
- Part of the development of LED technology includes reducing the light heat dissipation which ultimately will have a positive outcome in the way the panel will perform. The heat generated will ultimately effect the life span, the amount of energy used and the brightness of the panel, and due to the advances in technology the LED panel has been designed to keep the LEDs at a lower temperature so you can expect a minimum of 40,000 hours of peak illumination at the highest lumen output. Some people may misunderstand that when the life span of the panel is stated at 40,000 hours, it is not to say that after 40,000 hours that the panel will stop working, simply meaning that after 40,000 hours Photonics cannot guarantee the maximum lumen output.
- LED lights are naturally have low power consumption, and with the LED panel it is no different, as well as other LED products the LED panel is classed as a green product, meaning that this product does not contain any mercury, less waste and the manufacturing process almost doesn't produce any pollution.


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