INLED Malta uses Goodlight LED lighting to achieve 75% energy savings for basketball association

June 27, 2014
The Malta Basketball Association (MBA) is achieving energy savings of 75% following the recent installation of Goodlight LED lighting within two training pavilions. Designed and manufactured by Camberley-based lighting specialist, LED Eco Lights, the new lighting system was designed and supplied by INLED, the company's exclusive distributor in Malta.

With a number of basketball clubs in Malta catering for both male and female players, ranging from under 12s to national level, it was clear that there were insufficient full size courts to meet the growing demand. Accordingly, the Association decided to invest in the construction of a pavilion alongside the existing national stadium to accommodate two modern, full size basketball courts. The new pavilion features all the playing, training and support facilities required with particular emphasis placed on the provision of a top quality lighting system.

Following thorough evaluation of the lighting needs and a demanding tender process, INLED was commissioned to supply Goodlight 100 watt LED high bay lighting. The lighting system relies on a series of fittings installed at a height of ten metres above the playing surface.

The MBA had originally planned to use traditional 400 watt metal halide fittings for the new pavilion but were so impressed by the performance simulation and fast payback calculations provided by INLED (Malta) that the decision was made to specify the Goodlight LED solution. "This project was crying out for GOODLIGHT™," says INLED's managing director, Saviour Bone. "We were easily able to demonstrate that we could achieve 75% energy savings and full payback within two years without compromising on the quality of lighting. In fact, Goodlight LED high bays provide superior brightness to the metal halide alternatives that consume four times as much electricity. Also, because Goodlight LED fittings and lamps are maintenance-free and guaranteed for FIVE years against failure, enormous savings are made by not having to use expensive access equipment to replace failed lamps."

Another important aspect of the Goodlight™ LED high bay lamps is their 'instant on' feature. Traditional metal halide lamps need to be turned on for a period of time before reaching the correct temperature to provide adequate illumination. Not only is this an obvious disadvantage but also, if a problem should arise during a game, any delays would be unacceptable. By contrast, Goodlight can be turned off at any time, for any reason, and will provide immediate, unrivalled brightness at the flick of a switch.

Commenting on INLED's success in securing the contract with the MBA, Saima Shafi, LED Eco Lights' co-founder, says, "Saviour Bone and his team are doing a marvellous job in Malta. This project is typical of the impressive savings and fast payback that can be achieved by installing Goodlight™ LED lighting. The extensive range is suitable for both retrofit solutions and new builds and has already been specified by many of the UK's well known names including the Ministry of Defence, Transport for London, Jaguar Land Rover and British Airways."

Goodlight LEDs typically consume between 70% and 75% less energy than their traditional counterparts, with no reduction in lux levels and with a lifespan that is at least five times longer. The Goodlight LED range is an ideal alternative to traditional tubes, spot lights, CFL PL lamps, 2D lamps, SONS, metal halides and floodlights to dramatically cut energy consumption, reduce costs and ensure compliance with new legislation being introduced around the world.


INLED - Saviour Bone

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