ATG Electronics' 16W DLC-listed LED T8 lamp offers 80-CRI light for visual comfort

June 30, 2014
ATG ELECTRONICS showed this DLC IPS T8 LED Tube at LFI 2014. It really drew much attention.

iBright™ 16W DLC IPS T8 LED Tube achieves 100 lm/W high luminous efficacy, 1600 lm for 4ft (1200mm) tube. Featuring the LED's with a 80 CRI, the tube is a low glare design to protect people's eyes. iBright™ 16W DLC IPS are availbale with an optional clear or frosted lens. It can save more than 50% energy.

iBright™ 16W DLC IPS T8 LED Tube has great lighting performance. ATG patented solution for heat management insures that the lamp achieves a 50,000 hour L70 lifetime.

iBright™ 16W DLC IPS T8 LED Tube uses a UL/cUL listed external power supply.

With its high performance, iBright™ 16W DLC IPS T8 LED Tube has become the best choice for residential and commercial lighting.

Technical Specifications:
Input Voltage: 100-277 VAC
Power Consumption: 16W
Lumens: 1600 lm
Luminous Efficacy: 100 lm/W
Color Temperature: 4000K & 5000K
CRI: 80
Lens Type: Clear/Frosted


Andy Chang - ATG Electronics
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