Fulham releases field-installable LED emergency lighting retrofit kits

June 30, 2014
The Fulham FireHorse® brand HotSpot1™ LED Emergency System has already been recognized within the lighting industry as an innovative and award-winning solution for adding inconspicuous LED emergency lighting capability to non-emergency fixtures. This system has been previously available as cURus components for fixture makers.

Now, ten HotSpot1™ UL Classified Kits for troffers have been introduced for the benefit of both fixture makers and contractors. The cULus Classification is "key," because it means that these LED Emergency Kits are approved for field installation for LED-retrofitted troffers, for example.

The Kits include a Fulham FireHorse® LED driver, a Fulham FireHorse® LED battery pack, Fulham ThoroLED™ brand LED modules, plus required hardware, the necessary UL Classified label (to stick onto the fixture after installation), and complete installation instructions.


Fulham - Client Services Department

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