Illumis Lights launches edge-lit LED panel lights for new installations and retrofits

June 30, 2014
Our new edge-lit panel range offers an extremely attractive alternative to traditional fluorescent tubes and can be used for both new-build and retrofit applications.

By applying the same principles used to produce flat-screen TVs, we maximise the light from high-specification LEDs by projecting it directly into a laser-etched light guide plate. This behaves in a similar way to fibre optics by enabling light to move throughout the fitting, while a custom optical polycarbonate diffuser not only provides completely even light distribution but is also safer than plastic in a fire.

They're ultra-thin, light and durable, making them easy to handle and, with no tube to change, are maintenance free.

Lighting quality is excellent throughout their lifetime of 50,000 hours, closely replicating daylight to improve any environment from home to office, shopping centre to school and hospital to sports hall.

Significantly, they offer energy savings of up to 60% over fluorescents and reduced carbon emissions.

Our panels are industry-leaders in lumens per dollar, emitting more than 80 lumens per watt. They’re available with multiple power levels, colour temperatures and dimming configurations and can be recess mounted, surface mounted or suspended. There's a choice of 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4 form factors and every fitting has a five-year Illumis Lights warranty and UL listing.

About Illumis Lights
Illumis Lights designs, manufactures and sells high-performance, quality-assured and independently-tested LED lighting fixtures to OEMs for private label and commercial buyers in the UK, continental Europe and North America. We offer outstanding value, attentive support and premium products at the cutting-edge of design and technology.


Illumis Lights
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