rongwen led streetlights lightening up seven cities in indonesia

May 30, 2014
Guangdong Rongwen, a leading LED street lighting solution provider in the world, recently announced that, together with its partners PT Lahan, Streetlight.Vision, and Echelon, they’ve successfully implemented the Lon-Works based LED street lighting solution in 7 cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Surakarta, Sleman DIY Yogyakarta, Bengkulu, Denpasar Bali, Suramadu East Java, Bandung West Java. These installations will bring 3 times brighter illuminance and up to 64% of energy savings.
In order to respond to the call of energy conservation and emission reduction from MOE of Indonesia, 7 municipalities in Indonesia initiated the “Smart Street Lighting and Energy Efficiency Project”. These cities are replacing energy-consuming high-pressure sodium luminaries ranging from 150-400W with Rongwen’s LED series that can deliver 130 lm/W efficacy. Rongwen first launched its RW series LED streetlights in 2013, and have deployed around 150,000 units in many cities in China. This series applies COB packing modules and the tennis-racket design allows optimal heat dissipation. The newly installed Rongwen RW-118(90W) LED streetlights can deliver as high as 49 LUX, 3 times higher than the 16LUX from the original 150W HPS streetlights. The improvement of the illuminance increases the safety of roads.

“It has been proved that, Rongwen LED streetlights have a much bigger advantage in luminance and performance. For instance, during the running phase, Indonesia suffered a massive volcanic eruption, and volcanic ash covered almost all regions of Indonesia. However, Rongwen LED streetlights still functioned well under the volcanic dust that showered the city for 3 days.” said Mirza, general manager of PT. Lahan.
In the meantime, like many leading municipalities around the globe, Paris, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, to name a few, these cities also decided to apply the “Smart” LED street lighting solution by adding LonWorks outdoor lighting controllers that can perform single light dimming, data-collect, alarm readings, and executing commands, and by applying the most professional and sophisticated street light management software provided by Streetlight. Vision to make elaborate management of the streetlight networks become a reality.

These projects are expected to cut down the maintenance cost by 50% and bring up to 64% of energy savings. “There are several benefits of the application of Smart PJU, if 17,000 dots are replaced with PJU Smart, it will be able to save approximately 4.5 M KWH, it can surely be able to save on the budget per year without reducing the comfort of society. "Said the Vice Minister EMR, Susilo Siswoutomo.

This is the first time Indonesian cities adopted such advanced streetlight network management system. "This proved the reliability of PJU smart technology to improve efficiency through dimming or dimming as needed and prevent non-technical power losses", said Head of Energy and Mineral Resources Research and Development Agency, FX Sutijastoto.

The general manager of Guangdong Rongwen, Zhixiong Li said that the installation of Rongwen LED street lights in Indonesia is another case to prove that Rongwen LED streetlights are highly efficient and reliable.