PolyBrite debuts Borealis T8 LED tube with airflow and heat-sink thermal management system at LightFair

June 3, 2014

The NEW Borealis T8 Tube Delivers the Highest Levels of Energy Efficiency and Lumen Output

NAPERVILLE, IL. -- Following its commitment to designing advanced LED lighting solutions since 1995, PolyBrite International is introducing the NEW Borealis T8 LED tube at LIGHTFAIR 2014, June 3-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth # 4449.

PolyBrite innovative Borealis® T8 tube has been designed with a patented air flow and heat sink combined thermal management system, creating a more thermally efficient heat transfer and highly reliable cooling. This uniqueness eliminates potential failures as is the case with conventional thermal management systems. In addition, the Borealis T8 tube provides the optimum level of Surge Protection developed with a built-in short circuit and over-current circuit protection device.

"We have been looking forward to the introduction of our latest member of the Borealis LED family of products," said Carl Scianna, President & CEO of PolyBrite International. "The new Borealis T8 is a revolutionary replacement for traditional T8 fluorescent lamps and is sure to be a show stopper at this year's LIGHTFAIR."

The Borealis line of LED lamps include the "award winning" A19, B10, BR30, BR40, PAR38, R20, Flat Panel Lighting, T8 tubes and the versatile options in Canopy Lighting and Street Lights complete the Borealis' vast array of indoor and outdoor lighting that will be on display. Borealis products can seamlessly be integrated in a customer's current system while substantially decreasing their energy use and maintenance costs.

About PolyBrite International

PolyBrite International, Inc. has established itself as an innovative global LED lighting technology company since 1995. PolyBrite's 19 years of experience in designing and manufacturing LED light bulbs and fixtures across a wide range of product lines has given PolyBrite a unique insight into the needs of the marketplace and the demands of consumers who are looking to LEDs for energy and maintenance savings solutions. PolyBrite designs, engineers, and maintains complete control in manufacturing solid-state lighting products, creating Street Lighting, LED lamps, Panel and Tube Lighting and complete Signage lighting systems under its Borealis® brand name. The Borealis brand of LED products utilize PolyBrite's proprietary technology, circuitry and heat sink design, polymer lens technology, and overall design philosophy to bring energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and economic advantages of LED technology to the marketplace.

Visit PolyBrite at the LIGHTFAIR 2014 booth # 4449 or call 630-717-6700 for product information.


Tula Kareotes, Marketing Coordinator - PolyBrite International
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