EIC's 150W Crown LED lights are used at Burnley swimming pool

Sept. 23, 2014
Great thanks to EIC trustworthy sole UK partner and their perfect work for lighting up a swimming pool for Padiham Pool Burnley with 150W our Crown / their brand VERSO LED lights. The pool space is lit up in indirect way, the ceiling reflect the light from Crown and reduce the glare and make the space comfortable. Their client is very pleased and their expertise makes it as one of their perfect projects and can always exceed expectations as usual.
EIC Crown series LED lights is versatile to suit for outdoor and indoor lighting and can be used as high bay, low bay and flood light.
• Advanced HEAT PIPE technology, Liquid Phase Change Cooling System
• CITIZEN COB LED chips with latest package technology
• Higher fixture efficacy, >100LPW @ 5000K
• High Transmission toughened glass lens
• Durability, IP67 driver, IP65 full sealed housing
• Aero superior aluminum die-casting body, super conductive powder coating
• 65%-75% energy saving, short ROI period
• Up to 50,000hrs, low maintenance and replacement cost
• RoHS compliant, Environmental friendly, no mercury or lead, 100% recyclable
• Available from 3000, 4000 and 5000K
About EIC
EIC ELECTRONIC CHINA is very proud to become a leading Sino-Canadian manufacturer and exporter of high power LED (light emitting diode) luminaries for the public, industrial, commercial and residential lighting. EIC is specialized in researching and producing high power LED lights, mainly LED street lights, LED high bay lights and LED flood lights, and right now EIC is gradually to extend its products range to commercial lights, such as LED tube lights, down lights and bulbs. We are dedicated to supply quality green lights for better life and we chase all opportunity to exceed customers' expectations and many unparalleled factors make EIC their first option.

EIC Advantages
EIC applies Citizen COB as its light engine solutions and Citizen LED deliver up to 155 lumens per watt (5000K), which is 30% more efficient than many light engines, which greatly improves EIC luminaires' efficacy up to 90-110LPW. EIC LED Lighting products are perfect for use with photocell because the service life is unaffected by frequent on-off switching. LEDs do not waste energy as a filament does which has to be first heated until white hot to emit light.
EIC R&D team has more than 10 years of thermal management solution research. After 5 years research and testing, EIC introduced its heat engine liquid phase change cooling system. That makes EIC the first company to dare to use only a high power COB light engine on its luminaries. EIC is to be the first company in the world to integrate the heat sink and housing completely together and a unique company that uses the heat generated from the LED to drive liquid phase change and flow around in the housing to dissipate heat.
EIC LED lighting products are mercury-free and require no special disposal procedures. EIC LED lighting products produce no ultraviolet or other harmful emissions. And all material is 100% recyclable.
EIC LED lighting products promise a prolonged lifespan rated for 50,000 hours, which equates to decades when operated during normal business hours. LEDs are almost maintenance-free devices and require no servicing during their life.
Approximately 20% of the world's energy consumption is in artificial lighting, 70% of which can be replaced with more energy efficient LED lights. Several studies into the life cycles of LED show that 98% of the energy consumed in running a LED goes to the task designed for light. But only approximately 5% of the energy consumed in a standard incandescent lamp goes to creating light, the other 95% produces heat and wasted. Generally, LED luminaries can save 50%-85% energy.
EIC is not only a high quality LED light manufacturer, but also has the ability to provide lighting solutions and financial calculation for customers' reference. Please email us CAD drawing and detailed information. We can recommend to you which and how many lamps will be needed to achieve your lighting requirements. Why not contact us today for lighting design?


Roger Lee, International Sales Director - EIC ELECTRONIC CHINA

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