Lunera Lighting Helen LED lamps help save energy and enhance comfort in hospitality lighting application

Sept. 9, 2014
Santa Clara, Calif. -- Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology announced the positive impact of the Helen Lamp in the hospitality industry, through the release of two hotel case studies. Providing a superior guest experience is paramount for hoteliers, and the Helen Lamp delivers on this goal. Through thoughtful design, it produces beautiful, quality light and through innovative engineering, the Helen Lamp saves 50-70 percent on energy, while reducing lamp maintenance cycles five-fold - all with the simple change of a light bulb.

The Hilton Minneapolis wanted an easily installed lighting solution that would raise guest experience, while lowering energy usage and reducing maintenance costs. A custom guest corridor fixture had already been designed for use with a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL), but the quality of light was not as beautiful as the Hilton Minneapolis had hoped. The Helen Lamp by Lunera provided the perfect answer.

"Every day, we challenge ourselves to push the envelope of guest experience. The clean, bright, quality light from the Helen Lamp met that challenge and has been a big hit with our guests and employees," Dennis P. Cavner Lead Engineer, Hilton Minneapolis.

The Helen Lamp also replaced CFLs in the property's 850 guest room entry foyers. This enabled the improved light quality to flow from the corridors into the guest rooms with an instant-on light experience, not found in CFLs. In total, the Helen Lamp replaced 2,350 CFLs, immediately lowering the hotel's lighting energy bills by more than 50 percent. With a long 50,000-hour lamp life, five times that of a CFL, routine maintenance costs were virtually eliminated as well. See further details in the Hilton Minneapolis Case Study.

A notable Boston Hotel also retrofitted existing CFLs with the Helen Lamp in public gathering spaces, hallways, and hard to reach areas such as high ceiling stairways. In this example, the hotel replaced 2,000 32-watt CFLs with the 13-watt Helen Lamps and realized over $40,000 annually in energy cost savings. For more information, read our Boston Hotel Case Study.

"The hospitality industry was one of the first markets to aggressively engage the Helen Lamp", said Tom Quinn, Lunera Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Too often when businesses make a sustainable choice, they give up something in return. In the case of the Helen Lamp, the product far exceeds the performance of the incumbent CFL lighting technology and does so while improving business performance and environmental impact. This is what draws hoteliers to the Helen Lamp".

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Lunera Lighting is an innovative technology leader in LED light products that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own. Lunera designs, assembles, and markets high performance commercial LED fixtures and lamps that obsolete traditional lighting technologies. For building owners and operators, Lunera's products reduce operating expenses by lowering electricity and maintenance costs. For occupants, Lunera's technology improves light quality, enhancing comfort and productivity. Based in Silicon Valley, Lunera is part of a community of progressive companies that challenge convention and transform industries for the benefit of all. Visit Lunera on the web, Facebook
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