Saffron releases Sense Light self-adjusting outdoor LED lamp

Sept. 9, 2014
Saffron, designer and manufacturer of the Drift Light, has released a new LED lamp specifically designed for outdoor use which turns itself on when the sun goes down and turns off when the sun comes up.

The Sense Light is ideal for anybody who has outdoors lights that have to be turned on every night and off in the morning. The light sensor has been designed to allow multiple Sense lights to operate three feet apart without triggering the other light's sensor.

In addition to preventing lights from staying on during the day or staying off at night the Sense Light keeps your outdoor lights on a normal schedule when you are out of town. This is a great security feature which deters would-be burglars.

Blue lights attract bugs; Saffron reduced light in the blue spectrum by using a 2700K color temperature which gives off a warm, inviting glow to your non-insect friends and neighbors.

Cameron Postelwait, Marketing Director for Saffron, believes this is the beginning of a larger trend in consumer and industrial lighting: "When somebody tells me they have to use their smartphone to control their lights I tell them that's not 'smart.' Lights that know when to turn themselves on and off is smart."

The Sense Light is now shipping from Sewell and will be available from other retailers by the end of the year.


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