Lighting designer Stefano Dall'Osso customizes retail lighting aesthetics for London shop

Sept. 1, 2014

In March 2012, Stefano Dall’Osso carried out a tailor-made lighting project for the Loro Piana shop in London.

The renowned Lighting Designer wanted to emphasize the shop by conceiving it as an integral part of the city: his experience taught him that through windows lights mould the surrounding environment and entice passengers by transforming these places in “urban rooms” where people meet, maintain their relationships and spend some time together. The shop becomes a familiar place having a visual and emotional impact.

The main aim of Dall’Osso, in this case, was that of making both the product and the place where it is displayed the true protagonists; the client must feel emotionally involved by both of them and this is why the places of consumption are “staged”. The sales area, by acquiring new meanings, stimulates the users who want to be part of this “new set” in order to satisfy their aesthetic hunger for knowledge and curiosity. The logics for a proper lighting are the same used for a theatrical set. There is a connection between direction, intensity and colour of light and the sensations aroused by objects. The choice of a position and therefore of a direction of the luminaires is fundamental, because it influences the character of the obtained scene. The idea of cosiness and comfort that distinguishes the brand is fully expressed thanks to the chromatic quality of light: the colour temperature of around 2700 K allows maintaining the welcoming mood that emphasizes the sought-after concept of traditional tailoring in each one of their shops. Dall’Osso and his team adopted long-life and easy-to-use light sources in order to facilitate the system’s maintenance and reduce the related costs even through the possibility to dimmer light emission: each and every luminaire is equipped with an integrated driver or electronic transformer and optic accessories such as lenses, filters and screens that can be replaced with no need for tools, in order to shape light according to the different needs. Moreover, the adopted light sources with a high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) determine the quality of colours of the lighted objects, thus exalting the goods for sale. The main purpose in a shop is creating a discreet and not intrusive lighting able to convey the commercial message to the client and guide him in the choice of products; this is the reason why the Lighting Designer’s idea of fully integrating the luminaires in the architectural layout allows focusing the attention on goods, instead of light. The lighting solutions thought up for this shop are dynamic and flexible because through them it is possible to create different scenes according to the windows dressing, furnishing of shop and display areas and because the intensity and quality of light can be adapted to the scene set-up, to the hours of the day and to the need to switch on/off the different zones, with no need to intervene in the electrical system. STEFANO DALL’OSSO BIOGRAPHY Born in Fermo, in the Marche region, in 1963, when he was a child, he dreamt of becoming anything but a Lighting Designer. It always happens that way. But at that time there were not even proper technological conditions to think about doing this job - which has a lot in common with technology. One day, something turned on inside of him, and after that he had no doubts: he would become a Lighting Designer. Everybody has his own enlightenment, after all. He began as a Lighting Promoter for a company in the Lombardy region. This was in 1986, when the Centre of Italy was moving towards the North. After four years, a company in the Marche region, world leader in lighting, hired him to deal with consultancy and technical assistance, design and promotion. That was a wonderful experience. In 1994, he was employed in the “lighting” commercial department of a company in Porto San Giorgio, and later became a partner. In the region where he lives, the Marche region, opportunities in this field were growing day by day. In 1997, he became manager of the lighting design department of a commercial group in Macerata. After only four months he inaugurated an efficient Lighting Division. That was an effervescent period in which light was both technique and culture. In 2000, he set up his own business dealing with consultancy, design and work supervision of lighting systems. The office has grown rapidly, but not hastily: the internal collaborators have increased in number; clients today form a long and international list. Besides the main office in Fermo, Stefano Dall’Osso can also boast an office in Malta and one in Dubai. Those who work with light can never be pessimists.


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