Eccentric Electronics develops sensor-activated LED cabinet light

Nov. 26, 2014
Villanova, PA -- Eccentric Electronics, LLC has developed the first cabinet LED light that is light-activated. The product, named autosensLED, automatically turns on when it senses light from the room when the compartment door is opened and turns itself off once the door is closed and it senses darkness.

Today there is a large selection of underwhelming stick-on LED lights designed for cabinets and closet spaces. Many of these products require clicking a button to turn them on and off. Forgetting to click off will drain their batteries. The autosensLED uses ambient room lighting to automatically sense when to turn the LEDs on and off thereby guaranteeing a long battery life.

“Most LED products with light sensors are used like nightlights – when the sensor detects darkness, the LEDs turn on. For closets and other types of compartments, you don’t want a nightlight which would always be lit when the door is closed; you want the LEDs to turn on when the door is open. That’s where sensing room lighting comes in” says inventor, Aaron Dobbins of Eccentric Electronics.

A typical poorly lit kitchen pantry closet is a perfect application for the autosensLED light. This product uses low levels of light from the kitchen that enters the closet when the door is opened to turn on the LED light. The light turns itself off after it detects the closet is once again dark.

The trick to the autosensLED technology is to blink off the LEDs once in a while to detect whether the space is pitch-black. If in the pitch black, the light will remain off. This solves the problem of stick-on lights not being clicked off when the light is no longer needed. Dead batteries in portable LED lights are one of the biggest points of customer dissatisfaction. Forgetting to click off a light even one time can easily result in dead batteries.

Battery life is greatly extended as a result of the product turning itself off after a maximum of five minutes. This ensures even if a closet door is left open in a lit room, the batteries will not drain. It is possible to manually turn on the light with the press of a button if more on time is needed.

“The nice thing about using light to trigger the autosensLED is that the turn on and turn off operation is very reliable” claims Dobbins. Sensing light offers unique advantages that motion activated LED products do not offer. For instance, if the closet space is very large or has multiple shelves, several autosensLED products can be installed in the space. As soon as one of them turns on, it will activate all the others in the space. Motion activated LED products would require waving hands in front of each shelf to light up the space.

The number of dark compartment spaces that can benefit from this product is broad including closets, cabinets, drawers, automotive storage consoles, safes, chests, and lockers. With three AA batteries, the expected lifetime is in excess of two years.

The autosensLED light is the first of several products that Eccentric Electronics will offer using their patent-pending light activation technology. To find out more about Eccentric Electronics’ autosensLED visit their website at

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