Access Fixtures releases wildlife-friendly amber parking-garage LED lighting

Nov. 18, 2014
New Wildlife Friendly LED Amber Garage Lighters Announced by Access Fixtures

WORCESTER, Mass. -- Access Fixtures is expanding its extensive product line to include LED amber garage lighters as part of its line-up of wildlife-friendly luminaires. Wildlife-friendly lighting minimizes light pollution in areas where excessive artificial lighting can harm ecosystems, especially coastal areas where sea turtles need a dark sky to migrate towards the ocean. Garage lighters in parking garages around waterfront locations can emit light through openings and contribute to light pollution. Access Fixtures LED amber garage lighters produce light that is visible to humans, but not to most species harmed by artificial lighting.

“Although artificial lighting in parking garages can potentially harm wildlife, it’s necessary to safely illuminate parking garages so people can safely travel to and from their vehicles,” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. He continued, “LED amber garage lighters by Access Fixtures provide the necessary lighting for humans to thrive, while not enjoy disrupting nature.”

With all the benefits of LED lighting, the amber garage lighters minimize disturbances in ecosystems. Species that are affected by artificial lighting can see wavelengths used in traditional light sources like fluorescent, incandescent, and metal halide sources. These species, however, cannot see longer wavelengths like 590 nm used in amber LEDs. Rated for 100,000 hours, the wildlife friendly LED amber garage lighters are long-lasting, energy-efficient and require minimal maintenance. Amber light emitted by the garage lighters is not visible by most wildlife harmed by artificial lighting. It is important to check with local ordinances to identify the species it focuses on and the nanometer of light required. Access Fixtures luminaires are assembled in USA with USA and imported parts.

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