ETC Selador LED fixtures make paintings 'pop' in London art gallery

Nov. 4, 2014

Lighting director Franck Evin has used 40 ETC Selador Desire D22 fixtures in a London art gallery to make the colours in the artwork ‘pop.’ “Using ETC Selador LED is a radical way to fix the lights. It looks fantastic!” he says.

The challenge Evin faced was that the painter, Berlin-based Jonas Burgert, likes to paint in big, bold colours. To make the colours really stand out, he needed something which would generate bright and vibrant but well balanced light, without the heat which would typically be generated by traditional light sources. After a number of tests with different fixtures, he decided on the Desire D22 Lustr+ arrays, which creates full colour, perfect for a variety of uses. Set up was made easy by the fact that they can be programmed at the touch of a button on the back of each lamp. Evin points out that with traditional LED fixtures, it would be difficult to achieve a balanced white. “Jonas is a specialist in mixing colours,” says Evin, “making them appear very dreamy. He is working with a new technique, with several different layers; that’s why they look so good with these lamps. He loves them, because it’s the first time you can really see the colours. It’s a different way to show the paintings.” “These fixtures are a great investment for the gallery,” continues Evin. “We did a test with the Selador D22s and traditional Source Four fixtures. But the D22s were smaller and lighter, and the light they produced was ideal for our needs.” Jonas Burgert’s exhibition, Stück Hirn Blind, is on at London’s Blain Southern gallery in Hanover Square until 22 November. A movie showing the setup can be found at




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