Meteor adds 8- and 10-in. LED downlights to Cylinder Series

Nov. 21, 2014

Meteor recently added the Cylinder Mini 45W and 85W to its popular Cylinder Series LED Surface-­‐mounted Downlight Series. Cylinder Mini delivers up to 8500 lumen output at 100LPW ideal for wide variety of application ranging from atriums, auditoriums, corridors, foyers, lobbies, and retail spaces.

CS Mini Series also delivers sophisticated dimming capabilities with DMX or superior 0-­‐10V, like its 16” Cylinder Series predecessor. DMX features 16-­‐bit resolution and dims to <0.4% with 4096 steps. Superior 0-­‐10V dims to <1% with effect similar to incandescent dimming. DMX is suited for theaters and cinemas where smooth and continuous dimming enhances user experience. With the wide array of distribution options for varying heights ranging from 15U. to 40 U., Cylinder Mini Series offers 5 beam spreads at 10˚, 20˚, 40˚, 60˚,100˚ to create precise and seamless blend of light in continuous spaces. Ideal for 15-­‐40' new and retrofit applications, Cylinder Mini integrates industry leading technologies with clean contemporary aesthetics. Applying breakthrough thermal management to the CS Mini, Meteor separates the light engine from the LED driver which eliminates long term side effects of additional heating. With the LED driver separate, temperature reduced by 21% which extends product lifespan.


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