Axlen Lighting moves into LED high-bay market with edge-lit panels

Nov. 7, 2014
Saratoga, California – Axlen Inc, a developer and manufacturer of industry-leading LED lighting and control solutions, has introduced high-power, "Supa-Lumen" versions of its highly successful e-Solis™ edge lit LED panel for high-bay applications.

The e-Solis panel is now available in high power 10,000lm, 2' x 2', and 15,000lm, 2' x 4' versions, representing the company's first product offerings in the commercial and industrial high-bay luminaire space. The panels are offered in both directional and non-directional options with the former providing a narrower lighting distribution (beam angle 50 degrees) and offering up to 50% more illuminance for high-bay aisle type applications. They are designed as direct enclosure replacements for metal-halide fixtures and fluorescent troffers and, with an industry-leading efficacy of up to 110lm/W, they offer energy savings up to 75%. These high-power versions build upon the company's proprietary, efficient micro-lens waveguide design and advanced thermal management capabilities. They deliver an efficacy of over 35% higher and a projected lifetime (L70 of 100,000hrs) nearly three times greater than the DesignLights Consortium® (DLC) product qualification criteria.

The "Supa-Lumen" panels are opening up new market segments for Axlen and Gary Rachfal, senior director of sales, commented that, “We have been particularly pleased with the enthusiastic response from our customers in the indoor sports sector. There are a lot of indoor athletic clubs, currently using metal halide fixtures, where facility owners are seeking more energy efficient lighting solutions. Straight forward one-for-one replacement of existing 400W metal halide fixtures with our 100W e-Solis directional panels reduces energy consumption by 75% while providing better lighting quality and court illuminance, with the added advantage of no warm up time. Further, the panels can easily be hooked up to motion sensors offering further energy savings when courts are not occupied. In most cases, customers are projecting a pay-back time of under one year."

Consistent with the existing family of e-Solis products, the new high-power panels are backed with a five year limited warranty and offered in a selection of warm to cool color temperatures, all with an outstanding color rendering index (CRI) of 85. The company's proprietary optical film technology is key to the high efficacy and high illuminance of the directional panels.

The panel is fully dimmable, has a remote control option and features an integral power supply that is compatible with networked smart lighting control systems through a 0-10V dimming capability. Axlen also offers the CLEON™ lighting control system for convenient integration with multiple e-Solis fixtures so that lighting levels can adjust automatically according to ambient conditions and maximize energy savings. The high-power panels are listed on the DLC Qualified Products List under the high-bay luminaire category and qualify for any utility rebates where they apply. Further, as an extension of the current e-Solis product line, all components are UL compliant and full certification is anticipated in the near future.

DesignLights Consortium® is a registered trademark of Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships, Inc, Lexington MA.

About Axlen

Axlen Inc, headquartered in Saratoga, CA, and founded in 2011, is leading the global challenge of reducing energy consumption in commercial, office, and industrial facilities by providing efficient LED lighting solutions with an industry-leading return-on-investment. Our LED products replace conventional fluorescent, high intensity discharge, and incandescent light sources offering an enhanced lighting experience with improved energy efficiency and a reduced cost of ownership. From retrofit kits to next generation panels and control systems, Axlen offers the most innovative range of LED luminaires, fully compatible with advanced smart lighting networks. For more information about Axlen Inc, see or contact [email protected].


Bruce Craig - Axlen Inc

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