Gebright COB LED downlight reaches up to 120 lm/W

Nov. 20, 2014
The light source of this new COB LED downlight adopts Citizen standard chip which is from Bridgelux/Epistar/San’an chip. Its lumens can reach up to 120lm per wattage. In addition, using the segmented design, primary mold-uploading of PC material and high-tech vacuum aluminizing, the aluminum alloy reflection cup has the advantages of high optical accuracy and excellent metallic lustre. The optical reflectivity can be 94% and the LED light color will be better, even centralized spot, no noise, no dark shadows. Utmostly making use of the LED chip and reflection cup to improve the light efficacy is the first feature of this new COB LED downlight.

And the second feature obviously lies in power supply. With the CE, RoHS and SAA certificates, the power supply uses the outstanding design and processing technology and strictly implements the 6S standards to ensure stable long-time work. From the sheet, it is clear that power factor changes with different wattage. For higher wattage, the power factor can be up to 94%, such as 15W and 20W. That means the same wattage, but higher luminous flux, namely higher brightness.

However, the advantages of the power supply is not only one aspect. As shown in the picture below, the power supply is equipped with 4 capacitors that have 8000h life span and bear maximum temperature 105 degrees. The extra heat sinks is added for IC chip underside to guarantee the stability of the current and control current fluctuations within 5%. Beyond that this power supply also has a feature of overcurrent and over-temperature protection. It will auto power off when the current or temperature is over its limited parameters.
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Light weight, efficiency, green and energy saving are four main advantages of die-casting aluminum heat sinks. High quality aluminum, vacuum painting-spray and overall dissipation design make the downlight possess a good heat dissipation effect.

Possessing high conductivity of heat and electricity, aluminum finds wide application in industry. Besides, aluminum is a type of metal with light weight and always used to make all kinds of components of automotive, aviation, spaceflight etc. with the special requirements of reducing weight. Compared with other heat sinks under the same specification, the weight of the die-casting aluminum heat sinks is only one-third of the former. Furthermore, aluminum can be processed into various shapes for its high strength and good plasticity, which afford maximum possibility of OEM, ODM and customized lights.

The new COB LED downlight is characterized by high light efficacy and low power consumption that can be apply to both residential and commercial lighting, such as mall, hotel, shop, exhibition hall, villa and home, and also can reply the main lighting.



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