Lam32 incorporates solid-state-lighting design into Hotel Excelsior luxury architectural details

Nov. 12, 2014

Lam32, the Marche-based company specialized in creating and developing customizable state-of-the-art lighting solutions, has been chosen as project partner for the creation and installation of the lighting design project for Hotel Excelsior in Pesaro, a 5* structure where luxury and design come to light in every single architectural detail.

The peculiarity of this project, completely based on architectural materials such as steel, brass, glass and composite, immediately required the development of a convenient lighting design project, able to improve - through the use of completely custom-made products - the peculiarities of this structure, characterized by particular geometries and by high-impact identificative materials. The lighting of Hotel Excelsior was designed starting from the specific needs of the designer. In order to illuminate the central staircase, the working team was asked to identify a completely concealed solution. After an analysis of the possible resolutions together with the designer, the team created a range of luminaires to be inserted inside the expansion joints of the existing ventilated wall. The special T1 light fixtures, created for this area, allowed the enhancement of both the structure and the lighting effect, while concealing the actual luminaire, that would have been an element of visual interference. The T1 light fixtures are composed of an external tubular profile in transparent polycarbonate, resistant to UV rays, and are able to emit various graduations of light. In order to illuminate the glass parapets on the ground floor, LAM32 created a concealable light fixture, N2 speciale, inserted inside a stainless steel carter in the higher parts of the glass plates. The particular difficulty of carrying out the possible future maintenance of the lighting sources - due to their difficult positioning inside the structure - made the design team create a double-sourced LED luminaire that in time, given a possible problem of the first source, will obviate the lack of lighting thanks to the operating of the second source. The lighting of the perimetral passages and of the walkways was designed using Tube, an innovative light fixture, made in stainless steel and especially designed to be installed on inclined planes, with differentiated inclinations. Finally, in order to illuminate the entrances of the Hotel, of the lounge bar and of the restaurant, LAM32 created Gem3 speciali: these luminaires are recessed lightings, able to give volume and visibility to details, highlighting everything they find on their way. This project has been an important challenge for LAM32, that was able to guarantee - in spite of the various installation problems due to the geometries of the structure - complex lighting systems with an exclusive design, able to be totally concealable when installed. The rapidity of intervention needs to be highlighted, since it represents - together with the production of “custom” fixtures - one of the peculiarities of the Marche-based company: for the project design, engineering, test and production of the whole supply, LAM32 took 10 weeks starting from the order confirmation, even if the order concerned custom systems and fixtures that had never been used before.


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